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{June 22, 2010}   The growing continues

Okay, so in the grand scheme of things growing a few herbs is nothing to write home about, and indeed for the many gardeners blogging away my achievements so far must seem laughable.  However I am quite chuffed as up until now I have managed to kill every living plant I have ever had.

I have added to the Basil and Oregano plant and am now also growing a thyme plant.

From left to right - oregano, basil and thyme

The oregano is going well, at the moment I can’t use it as fast as it is growing so will be looking into freezing or drying it. The basil well, that’s not looking quite so good. It very nearly died and had to be brought back to live with plenty of water (seem i forgot to water it for a while). unfortunately only one stalk survived so at the moment i can’t cut it to use it. the Thyme has only been going a few weeks however it is so   well – although it looks a little gangly.

Here’s hoping they all continue to grow.


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