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If you followed my blog earlier in the year discussing my desire to cut down on the amount of caffeine i was drinking then you may wonder whether i have stuck to it?

I’m still drinking nearly as much coffee as I was however I am now drinking decaf. I know, some of you may be going yuck!, however I have found a few where you would not know that they were not caffeinated. I find that Carte Noire Decaff, whilst one of the more expense instant coffees, it is certainly a strong and smooth brew, with a depth of flavour. I have also taken to drinking Illy decaf filer coffee, after drinking caffeinated Illy coffee on holiday at  a certain cafe on the beach front I was wondering around Tesco the other week and spotted that they not only sold Illy coffee but sold decaf Illy coffee. At £5.29 it was again one of the more expensive, although my Dad tell me you can buy 2 for £7 on Amazon.

So to anyone wanting to reduce or needing to cut out caffeine but not willing to give up a decent cup of coffee i strongly suggest you invest in the Illy filter coffee and Carte Noire decaf.


Okay so several years ago i ended up leaving a job pretty suddenly due to pretty much flipping out. It was like a screw had been turned a bit each day for several months until it came to a head and I could not take anymore. It was a job in which coffee was on tap and someone was always making a cup so it was very easy to drink far too much. When i left i realised on reflection that caffeine and coffee had been a contributing factor, so I packed it in. Well several years latter i’m back to drink far too much.

It seems that moderate use is deemed to be 3 cups of coffee a day, ( well would it surprise you to say that quite often i’ve had three mugs of coffee before 10am? And whats more these mugs are more often than not a supersize mug like the red one below.

Supersize mug v standard mug side shot

Supersize mug v standard mug side shot

Supersize v standard mug - ariel view

You see what i mean? Ii hate to think how many “cups” each one of those mugs equates too.

So the more reading i do the more I realise that it’s not healthy to be drinking all that I do (though strangely drinking too much caffeine stimulates circulation so how come my fingers and toes are always freezing?) and this week I have decided to cut down on the caffeine.

I thought it would be pretty easy, the last time i did this i didn’t really notice, however i think part of that may have been to starting a new job without coffee on tap and being kept busy with the new challenges any new job brings.  This time I’ve brought some fruit tea to drink at work to help me along however  we’re only on day two and it is proving quite a challenge. But then should i be surprised..

“Withdrawal effects vary considerably from one person to another and can include headaches, drowsiness, lethargy, irritability, trembling, restlessness, and reduced concentration.” (

Even though i haven’t cut my intake out completely I am still feeling lethargic and drowsy and right now have the attention span of a fly. I’m hoping though that this will soon pass but then again……

et cetera