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If you followed my blog earlier in the year discussing my desire to cut down on the amount of caffeine i was drinking then you may wonder whether i have stuck to it?

I’m still drinking nearly as much coffee as I was however I am now drinking decaf. I know, some of you may be going yuck!, however I have found a few where you would not know that they were not caffeinated. I find that Carte Noire Decaff, whilst one of the more expense instant coffees, it is certainly a strong and smooth brew, with a depth of flavour. I have also taken to drinking Illy decaf filer coffee, after drinking caffeinated Illy coffee on holiday at  a certain cafe on the beach front I was wondering around Tesco the other week and spotted that they not only sold Illy coffee but sold decaf Illy coffee. At £5.29 it was again one of the more expensive, although my Dad tell me you can buy 2 for £7 on Amazon.

So to anyone wanting to reduce or needing to cut out caffeine but not willing to give up a decent cup of coffee i strongly suggest you invest in the Illy filter coffee and Carte Noire decaf.


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