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{June 6, 2010}   So

So a quick update on the plant front. The oregano has positively turned into a forest, thought i had lost it after taking a week away and coming home to find it all limp, however a fair bit of water and it was standing tall again 24 hours later. Not such good news on the basil – there is one only stem still alive so we will have to see how that turns out. I brought some thyme seeds in a cup today to add to the collection.

Now just need to plant my salad.

So i discovered in the week that i’ve forgotten how to flirt. In fact I’ve lost the ability to realise when someone is flirting with me till it’s way too late and they’ve left the vicinity. Hmm looks like I missed the boat again……


{May 11, 2010}   the indoor garden grows

well i planted, or rather opened and watered, my two herbs about a fortnight ago. In that time the seeds have sprouted and are now going rather well. Here’s a pic taken just a few moments ago 11th may - herbs

so now i just need to find the packet of salad leaves and find something to plant them in, before the summer is over!

wow we have peace. For the first time since i arrived home from work almost an hour and a half ago the music has stopped. You see I live in a flat, and the flats are sort of built  in a square with a communal garden in  the middle and tonight someone has been having a BBQ outside and playing drum and bass really quite loud. Now i quite like the music but it’s just at that level where it’s a bit more than background noise, and ever so slightly annoying. I really hope that this isn’t the start of a summer of noise.

Anyhow back to topic. For a long time I have admired those who “grow their own” knowing where their fruit and veg has come from and what, if any, pesticides and chemicals have been used on them. Up until lately I hadn’t really thought anymore about it because as I said above I live in the flat and only have access to a communal area.

However on forum I am a member off someone posted something about their “indoor garden” and it got me thinking. I have a long bay type window in the living room, that at the moment just acts as a space for junk. So in my lunch break the other day I popped into Wilkinsons and decided to start off with some herb plants as apparently they are quite easy to grown (and they need to be because any other plant  have ever had I have managed to kill). So after moistening the soil with a little water and pressing the seeds in they are now sitting on my windowsill and will hopefully start sprouting soon. My basil and oregano seeds, all potted and waiting to grow

You really could not get any easier, everything came in a nice little tub (it has a separate plant pot inside), i’m hoping to buy a few more and it should benefit my cooking too.

{April 20, 2010}   Kicking the caffeine, part 2

Okay, so when i set out to cut back down on my intake of caffeine and coffee i never imagined it would be this hard. I don’t think i realised just how much coffee i had been drinking until i started to realise just how many times I was saying “not for me this time, thanks for asking” when people were doing the coffee rounds.

I know caffeine addiction is in no way comparable to other addictions such as alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, and I am thankful that so far in my life I have not been effected either directly or indirectly through addiction to one of the above.

So one week on exactly how am I doing? Well i am not quite down to the three mugs of coffee a day, however I am at four (plus a can of coke on the odd day), which is a lot better than it was a few weeks ago. Not where I wanted to be however at least I can call it progress.

Okay so several years ago i ended up leaving a job pretty suddenly due to pretty much flipping out. It was like a screw had been turned a bit each day for several months until it came to a head and I could not take anymore. It was a job in which coffee was on tap and someone was always making a cup so it was very easy to drink far too much. When i left i realised on reflection that caffeine and coffee had been a contributing factor, so I packed it in. Well several years latter i’m back to drink far too much.

It seems that moderate use is deemed to be 3 cups of coffee a day, ( well would it surprise you to say that quite often i’ve had three mugs of coffee before 10am? And whats more these mugs are more often than not a supersize mug like the red one below.

Supersize mug v standard mug side shot

Supersize mug v standard mug side shot

Supersize v standard mug - ariel view

You see what i mean? Ii hate to think how many “cups” each one of those mugs equates too.

So the more reading i do the more I realise that it’s not healthy to be drinking all that I do (though strangely drinking too much caffeine stimulates circulation so how come my fingers and toes are always freezing?) and this week I have decided to cut down on the caffeine.

I thought it would be pretty easy, the last time i did this i didn’t really notice, however i think part of that may have been to starting a new job without coffee on tap and being kept busy with the new challenges any new job brings.  This time I’ve brought some fruit tea to drink at work to help me along however  we’re only on day two and it is proving quite a challenge. But then should i be surprised..

“Withdrawal effects vary considerably from one person to another and can include headaches, drowsiness, lethargy, irritability, trembling, restlessness, and reduced concentration.” (

Even though i haven’t cut my intake out completely I am still feeling lethargic and drowsy and right now have the attention span of a fly. I’m hoping though that this will soon pass but then again……

{April 12, 2010}   Not Yet A Woman

Okay, so you may expect a blog borrowing it’s name from A Britney Spears song, about the angst and heartache of teenage girls, to be written by a teenager. Wrong!

Unfortunately I left my teenage years behind several years ago but at the grand old age of 27 I’m left feeling like i’m “not yet a woman”. Like i’m still treading that middle ground of no longer being a tennager but not quite being a proper fully paid up member of adulthood. Let’s put it another way, if this is being an adult, it’s not quite like i imagined. There must be more to it than this?

So i decided to use this blog to chart my thoughts and try and arrange them in some kind of order. I’ll try to up date it a couple of times a week but i can’t promise, so apologies in advance if it’s a bit hit and miss.

{April 12, 2010}   Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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