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{October 8, 2011}   Some recent purchases

So September (and the start of October) was a bad month for the wallet! I have lots of new bits to review over the coming weeks and months which is a good job too as I need to start watching the pennies with Christmas coming.

So what exactly have i been splashing the cash on?

  • 2 ELF orders including complexin brush, powder brush, stipple brush, eye C brush, eyebrow kit, eyeliner pen, powder, mineral blusher
  • bare minerals/bare escentuals kit from QVC 
  • models own nail polishs and brushes (bargains in their recent sale). Am now the proud owner of Peacock Green, Magenta Pearl and a few others. Had never tried their polishes before but so far am very impressed.
  • A Vie at home order
  • A No 7. lipgloss and nail varnish from boots
  • Bobbi Brown eyeliner set (another QVC purchase)
  • Lancome foundation and concealer

So expect to be seeing some reviews shortly!


{September 18, 2011}   September’s Glossy Box

The other month I was wasting some time searching and reading through blogs when I came across a post all about Glossybox, and I just knew it was one of those things I had to try, a bit like the Hotel Chocolate tasting club when that first launched.

So i signed up at the end of July however the first box I could have was September’s. It finally arrived this week so it has been a long wait.

So my main concern was whether it would be worth the £12.99 it costs as the description given on the Glossybox website states “Every month, GLOSSYBOX delivers a mix of 5 exciting product miniatures packed in a beautiful box for you to test at home”. 5 minitures, if that meant five samples that could be an expensive way of getting landed with samples for things your never going to use, or have enough to use once but not really work out whether it suits you or not.

So it was with eager anticipation I went to collect my glossybox from the sorting office on saturday.

Septembers Glossybox

Now the presentation is exceptional. An outerbox in brown with the pinjk glossybox logo repeated over the box opens it up to reveal a pink box with a single brown logo. The pink box is very sturdy and can definitely be reused. I already have plans to organise my make up in them.

Inside the pink box

Yes once inside the pink box there  is another layer of packaging hiding the goodies. In my haste I actually forgot to take a picture so I had to rewrap hence its not quite as neat and pristine as the original.

And here is a picture of the goodies:


I know the boxes has varied slightly this month however hidden in mine was:

  • 2 x 50g sachets of Dead Spa Spa Magic Salt Brushing
  • Kimia rejuvenating facial system facial oil/serum
  • Plum by Mary Greenwell Fragrance sample 1.5ml
  • HD Brows – full size Eye & Brow palette in Bombshell
  • Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Tratment for hair (200ml)

I was pleased to find the sample sizes weren’t skimpy and any concerns that it would not prove value for money were put to sleep upon finding two full sized products were included which retails for £19.99 and about £8.00. Now I have only recently been looking at eyebrow systems and had decided to splash out on Benefit Browzings however that forthcoming purchase has been put on hold indefinitely with the arrival of this box.

So I am very happy with the contents of this months box and can’t wait for next months. In the meantime I will try and review a few of the products as I use them.

{September 18, 2011}   So where’s this going?

Okay it strikes me that this blog doesn’t really have a theme, and perhaps it is for this reason that it doesn’t get updated as often as it should, as I am afraid I really don’t feel my everyday life is exciting enough to blog about.

So my secret vice is makeup, i can’t stop buying it. Wearing it is another matter as I don’t wear it for work and generally not at the weekends either unless i am doing something specific. I also waste a lot of time reading various blogs about cosmetics so I thought that in order to give this blog more purpose I would join them 🙂


{September 11, 2011}   Update

I know I’m really bad at remembering to update this blog, I really need to pull my finger out and start posting more.

So a quick update I took the plunge and joined a gy and nearly 9 weeks in I’m still going! I have to admit the last couple of weeks I have actually used the pool more than the gym however it’s all exercise. I’m not down to my target weight yet, or in my jeans however people are commenting that I appear to have toned up and am looking better so I’m happy with that.


I’ve been watching the world pass my by for far too long.

My social life was never action packed and now that my friends are all coupled up and settled down, most of them  now with children, it is now quieter than ever.

I have never been someone who has enjoyed doing things by myself, maybe because i didn’t have enough self esteem and confidence, but at the same time I’m fed up on missing out on doing stuff, seeing the latest film etc. So I decided to bite the bullet and the last few weeks have heralded some firsts, and you know what doing things by yourself isn’t so bad.

So first I took my sister back to uni and booked into a hotel for the night as my sister had plans for the evening but we were meeting up in the morning for shopping. But this wasn’t all. I didn’t hide away in my room, i went and sat in the bar with a book. And you know what, it really wasn’t that bad, nothing terrible happened.  I survived!

Buoyed by this experience and facing another Friday night in alone a few weeks later I decided to take myself swimming. You know what, I had managed to get to my late twenties without ever going swimming on my own. And again, I survived!

So that’s another hurdle crossed and I am hoping over the forthcoming months to start doing a few more things.  I can’t see myself ever deciding to go on holiday alone however having the confidence to do things that I would otherwise miss out on suits me fine.

{March 28, 2011}   It’s been a long time

So people, it’s been a long time since I last posted here. I really must make mor of an effort.

So the reduction in caffiene has been going very well. It’s been helped by the fact that one of my colleagues has also cut out the caffiene so out of the four of us in the office that’s 2 on caffience, 2 without so in our coffee driven world it’s not such a big hassle drinking decaf.

At home I only buy decaf (and good decaf too) so the only place i’m drinking regular coffee is when i’m out.

So next on my list is to drink more water as this time last year there were many days when all i would drink was coffee. So i’ve started buying the 2l value bottles of water to take into work (as the tap water tastes foul). I also buy the big bottles of flavoured water. Most of the supermarkets do their own brands for 3 for £1 or £1.20 so these are a nice tasty alternative to coffee.

I have been doing this for the last month or so and although some days i forget to drink any I am starting to drink more water. I am feeling better for it and my skin is starting to behave a little better.

So what else is new? Well I am now feeling toasty in my little flat thanks to newly installed double glazed windows and a new, better fitting, front front door.

As for the rest it’s same old, same old, plodding along.

If you followed my blog earlier in the year discussing my desire to cut down on the amount of caffeine i was drinking then you may wonder whether i have stuck to it?

I’m still drinking nearly as much coffee as I was however I am now drinking decaf. I know, some of you may be going yuck!, however I have found a few where you would not know that they were not caffeinated. I find that Carte Noire Decaff, whilst one of the more expense instant coffees, it is certainly a strong and smooth brew, with a depth of flavour. I have also taken to drinking Illy decaf filer coffee, after drinking caffeinated Illy coffee on holiday at  a certain cafe on the beach front I was wondering around Tesco the other week and spotted that they not only sold Illy coffee but sold decaf Illy coffee. At £5.29 it was again one of the more expensive, although my Dad tell me you can buy 2 for £7 on Amazon.

So to anyone wanting to reduce or needing to cut out caffeine but not willing to give up a decent cup of coffee i strongly suggest you invest in the Illy filter coffee and Carte Noire decaf.

{August 31, 2010}   aargh, has August gone already?

So tomorrow is the first day of September and I can’t believe how quick August has gone! It feels like i’ve had quite a bust month but don’t really have anything to show for it.

I took a random day off and caught the train to London with a friend. Under £7 return in the London Midland summer sale – not to be sniffed at. We spent the morning at the Science Museum which was interesting, however we probably would have enjoyed it more if we had small people with us. We did Chinatown,choosing to eat at a restaurant called Lido on Gerard Street which had a lunchtime set menu for  £8 a person which included Crispy Duck. The food was good, not amazing but there were certainly no complaints. We thought the price was very reasonable considering we were in the centre of London.

Later in the day we took a walk along the Southbank were several street entertainers entertaining the tourists in the sun. Here’s a picture of the “missing head people” causing people to stop and stare.

I’ve also decided that enough is enough and I need to start looking after my health a little bit more, so i have started to join some mates in going swimming a few times a week. I am an okay swimmer but not a strong swimmer. I can only really do breaststroke and when i first started going a small amount of backstroke – i had never quite got it together to hook up more than a few strokes. What can i say, the first time i joined them i struggled, i spent most of time “resting” at one end of the pool. However a difference and improvement in speed and the length of time between breaks was soon noticeable.

{July 31, 2010}   catchup on a busy July

okay so July has been a fairly busy month, hence the lack of posts.

At the beginning of the month there was a friends wedding. Out of the four of us in our circle of friends, that now makes me the only one not married. Jeez, i’m not even dating at the moment. Anyhow the wedding was kind to us, sunny throughout and it was a lovely day.

And then i’ve spent the past few weeks on hols, eating, drinking, sleeping, swimming and most importantly relaxing. So relaxed that when i arrived home i couldn’t remember what i had done with my keys before i left. The food was really good, and we visited the Italian taverna which has its own pizza oven and makes the most delicious garlic bread ever. I am a garlic fiend and the garlic bread they make is some of the best i’ve ever had. (The taverna in question is Il Forno’s in Kalyves, Crete).

A more pics…….. The lovely sunset taken from one of the tavernas on the beach.

And then  i was brought back down to earth with a bump when i returned home to find out someone had tried to break in whilst i was away. Luckily they didn’t succeed however now the time has come to have a new door fitted.

{June 22, 2010}   The growing continues

Okay, so in the grand scheme of things growing a few herbs is nothing to write home about, and indeed for the many gardeners blogging away my achievements so far must seem laughable.  However I am quite chuffed as up until now I have managed to kill every living plant I have ever had.

I have added to the Basil and Oregano plant and am now also growing a thyme plant.

From left to right - oregano, basil and thyme

The oregano is going well, at the moment I can’t use it as fast as it is growing so will be looking into freezing or drying it. The basil well, that’s not looking quite so good. It very nearly died and had to be brought back to live with plenty of water (seem i forgot to water it for a while). unfortunately only one stalk survived so at the moment i can’t cut it to use it. the Thyme has only been going a few weeks however it is so   well – although it looks a little gangly.

Here’s hoping they all continue to grow.

et cetera