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{May 16, 2011}   Watching the world go round.

I’ve been watching the world pass my by for far too long.

My social life was never action packed and now that my friends are all coupled up and settled down, most of them  now with children, it is now quieter than ever.

I have never been someone who has enjoyed doing things by myself, maybe because i didn’t have enough self esteem and confidence, but at the same time I’m fed up on missing out on doing stuff, seeing the latest film etc. So I decided to bite the bullet and the last few weeks have heralded some firsts, and you know what doing things by yourself isn’t so bad.

So first I took my sister back to uni and booked into a hotel for the night as my sister had plans for the evening but we were meeting up in the morning for shopping. But this wasn’t all. I didn’t hide away in my room, i went and sat in the bar with a book. And you know what, it really wasn’t that bad, nothing terrible happened.  I survived!

Buoyed by this experience and facing another Friday night in alone a few weeks later I decided to take myself swimming. You know what, I had managed to get to my late twenties without ever going swimming on my own. And again, I survived!

So that’s another hurdle crossed and I am hoping over the forthcoming months to start doing a few more things.  I can’t see myself ever deciding to go on holiday alone however having the confidence to do things that I would otherwise miss out on suits me fine.


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