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{April 20, 2010}   Kicking the caffeine, part 2

Okay, so when i set out to cut back down on my intake of caffeine and coffee i never imagined it would be this hard. I don’t think i realised just how much coffee i had been drinking until i started to realise just how many times I was saying “not for me this time, thanks for asking” when people were doing the coffee rounds.

I know caffeine addiction is in no way comparable to other addictions such as alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, and I am thankful that so far in my life I have not been effected either directly or indirectly through addiction to one of the above.

So one week on exactly how am I doing? Well i am not quite down to the three mugs of coffee a day, however I am at four (plus a can of coke on the odd day), which is a lot better than it was a few weeks ago. Not where I wanted to be however at least I can call it progress.


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