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{April 12, 2010}   Not Yet A Woman

Okay, so you may expect a blog borrowing it’s name from A Britney Spears song, about the angst and heartache of teenage girls, to be written by a teenager. Wrong!

Unfortunately I left my teenage years behind several years ago but at the grand old age of 27 I’m left feeling like i’m “not yet a woman”. Like i’m still treading that middle ground of no longer being a tennager but not quite being a proper fully paid up member of adulthood. Let’s put it another way, if this is being an adult, it’s not quite like i imagined. There must be more to it than this?

So i decided to use this blog to chart my thoughts and try and arrange them in some kind of order. I’ll try to up date it a couple of times a week but i can’t promise, so apologies in advance if it’s a bit hit and miss.


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